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DIGILIENCE 2022 Keynote Speakers

Tony Rutkowski

Center for Internet Security

“The Millennium Internet Mosaic:
22 Years Later

Nick Multari
Dr Nickolas Multari

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

“Zero Trust Architecture:
Strengths and Weaknesses”

Georgios Chatzichristos
Georgios Chatzichristos


“ENISA’s Approach Towards AI-based Cyber Threat Hunting and Information Sharing”

Dr Muhammad Azmat

Aston University

Autonomous Drone Swarms: A Possible Solution for Mass Humanitarian Assistance?

Prof Siraj Shaikh

Swansea University

Drivers and Barriers for Secure Hardware Adoption Across Ecosystem Stakeholders

Wolfgang Röhrig

European Defence Agency

Information Superiority
at European Defence Agency

Salvador Llopis

European Defence Agency

“Leveraging future Defence Digital Backbone
to enable dynamic transitions of communications pathways”

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