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The Springer Nature volume with proceedings from the 2019 DIGILIENCE conference is available online. The 32 contributions in the volume present the state-of-the-art and future demands in the provision of cybersecurity and resilience of processes, services, and systems that rely heavily on information technologies

The 2019 DIGILIENCE contributions were focused on examining means and ways of providing effectiveness, efficiency, and resilience of organizations and operations, solutions for information sharing and cyber situational awareness, cyber security of critical infrastructures and industrial systems, emerging cyber security technologies and solutions, the central role of the human factor in the provision of cyber security and resilience, ways of exercising hybrid influence, and the role of social networks.

The volume is structured around the following main topics:

  • Effective, Efficient, and Cyber Resilient Organizations and Operations
  • Information Sharing and Cyber Situational Awareness
  • Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures and Industrial Systems
  • Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies and Solutions
  • Human-Centric Cybersecurity and Resilience
  • Hybrid Influence and the Role of Social Networks

View the entire volume here.

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