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Thematic Sessions

The Steering Committee for 2022 invites original contributions and reviewers in the following thematic spheres:

  • Cybersecurity Situational Awareness.
  • AI for Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity for AI.
  • Operations in Cyberspace.
  • Cryptography for Cybersecurity and Resilience.
  • Governance for Effective, Efficient, and Resilient Operations and Networks.
  • The Human Factor in Cybersecurity and Resilience.
  • Developing Critical Digital Competencies.
  • Cyber Resilience of IoT Systems and Industry 4.0.
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Cyberattacks.
  • Cybersecurity of Biophysical and Biomedical Systems.
  • Resilience to Cyber/Hybrid Influence.
  • Digital Organizations in Big Data Environment.
  • Sharing Data in Support of Digital Transformation.
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