Volodymyr Zaslavskyi

Volodymyr Zaslavskyi, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,Ukraine

Professor in the Faculty of Cybernetics, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Graduate of the same Faculty, where he received also a PhD in Mathematics, 1984. Prof. Zaslavskyi was Vice Dean of the Faculty of Cybernetics in 2000-2004, received a DSc degree in “System Analysis and Optimal Decisions Theory” in 2007. Volodymyr's research covers critical infrastructure protection, decision support systems, creation of mathematical models and algorithms for reliability optimization (satellites, space control systems, etc.), risk analysis in payment and energy systems. He promotes Type-Variety Principle to increase reliability of complex systems. Prof. V.Zaslavskyi was the Head of the Department of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation and Innovative Technologies of the TSNUK and the head of international project TEMPUS, ERASMUS+, and projects with NORD and NTNU Universities (Norway), Bat Spa University (UK), WAT (Poland), ADAMAS  University (India). He has published more than 190 scientific papers and five books in the areas of system analysis and safety of complex systems, risk analysis, critical infrastructure, and reliability optimization. Since 1992 he is member of IIASA Society, and served as President of AFCEA Chapter in Ukraine from 1997 to 2012. 

In DIGILIENCE, Prof. Zaslavskyi contributes to the organization of the session on Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Cyberattacks.