Velizar Shalamanov

Velizar Shalamanov, Institute of ICT, Bulgaria (photo)

After 19 years in military, followed by an academic career in the Academy of Sciences, Dr. Shalamanov has several tours of public service: Deputy Minister of Defence (1998-2001), Minister of Defence (2014) and Director Demand Management in the NATO’s IT and Cyber Agency (2009-2017). Currently he is deputy director of the Institute of Information and Communications Technologies, focusing on consolidation of the academic cyber capacity in Bulgaria and EU (under H2020 project) and the study of best practices for effectiveness, efficiency and cyber resilience of IT organizations and the role of IT in institutional change management. IT related research work of Dr. Shalamanov started in 1984 as a project manager, head of section and sector in a defence institute, leading the development of intelligent planning and assessment systems, followed by projects in space research, institutional change management, integrated command and control, emergency management systems and computer assisted exercises. He defended the PhD thesis in Kyiv (1991) and became Associate Professor in 1998. 

In DIGILIENCE, Dr. Shalamanov leads the organization of the session on Effective, Efficient, and Cyber Resilient IT Organizations.