Dear author,

DIGILIENCE 2021 applies a double-blind peer-review process.  Please create a full text of your paper, as pdf, without any information disclosing the authors and their institutions, and submit it using this link of EasyChair

Please note, that when your paper is approved and you are preparing its final version, you will be asked to select one of the following publication options:

[ 1 ] I want that my paper is published in a special issue of Information & Security: An International Journal (ISIJ), vol. 50, and disseminated in print at the conference, and do not intend to provide an amended version for publication in the Springer series

[ 2 ] I want that my paper is published in conference-dedicated vol. 50 of Information & Security: An International Journal (ISIJ) and disseminated in print during the conference, and after its presentation at the conference will provide an amended version, which is at least 50 % different, for publication in the Springer series “Communications in Computer and Information Science"

[ 3 ] I want that my paper is published only in the Springer series “Communications in Computer and Information Science," indexed in Scopus, 2019 SJR: 0.188 (final approval pending; to appear in 2022)

[ 4 ] I will provide a data paper and the respective dataset(s) for publication in the open-access European Data Quarterly

If you choose option 1, please use this ISIJ template in Word for Windows - below.

If you choose option 2 or 3, please follow closely the requirements and template of Springer. In option 2, please use Springer's Word template. 

If you choose option 4, please follow the guidance of European Data Quarterly.

The typical paper is between 8 and 15 pages in the ISIJ format, or between 12 and 15 pages in the Springer format. Somewhat longer papers, of about 20 pages, would also be considered for publication.