Dimitrina Polimirova

Dimitrina Polimirova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (photo)

Dr. Dimitrina Polimirova is Associate Professor and Director of the National Laboratory of Computer Virology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her research is focused on analysis and risk assessment of the information security of file objects exposed to information attacks, classification and evaluation of malware. She provides consultancy on computer, communication and information security and the restoration of application or system data of corporate configurations of government and business organizations. Dimitrina is member of the Union of the Bulgarian Mathematicians, co-editor of one book and author of more than 30 papers and journal articles.

In DIGILIENCE 2019 she led the organization of the session on Detecting and Countering Malware.  In the current DIGILIENCE conference, Dr. Polimirova supports the session on Cyber Security Situational Awareness