Anastas Madzharov

Anastas Madzharov, Institute of ICT, Bulgaria

Chair of the Organizing Committee of DIGILIENCE 2019.

Dr. Anastas Madzharov, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, received a Ph.D. degree in Navigation Systems in 1991. and became Associate Professor in "Dynamics, ballistics and control of aircraft" in 2008. Anastas has published over 35 papers and his main interests are in avionics, systems identification, and drones.

From 200 till 2016, Dr. Madzharov led the department of Electronics, Automation and Information Technologies at the National Military University "Vasil Levski" and lectured on "System Identification" and "Optimal and Adaptive Control" as part of the Masters programme in "Automation, information and control technologies" and supervized PhD students.